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FAQ About Hair Products


1.May I know if your items are 100% human hair ? How do I know if it is fake ?

All is 100% , SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® only Supply 100% Human Hair.

All items must be selected  strictly in factory according to quality control standard  then send out.

please read more on us by this link our brand story .

2.Which hair is your best ? i want the highest grade.

To be frank, There is not best hair but most suitable hair.

And we supply hair grades  :  

Normal Grade < Raw Normal Grade<High Grade<Superior Grade<Raw Superior Grade

Please read more by  the link : How to Select Suitable  Human Hair

3.What are the advantages of your hair ? why it is better than others supplier ?

I think is that we not cheat clients.

We supply many grades from low to high quality ,each level with  a reasonable price .

It means you pay more then you will definitely get better quality .

Our Raw Normal grade hair is strong and thick hair piece , with affordable price .Make sure not tangle over 2 years .

4.Why should I choose your company  as my supplier ? Why should I trust you ?

I think we have 3  advantages :

  • All items on website have stock ,you not wait , ready to send out in 12 hours 
  • On the transaction cost , we keep 5%, other  sellers keep around 10% to 15% on trading platform website.
  • We focus on hair supply and know hair ,we are professional 

5.How many bundles hair  do I need to make a full head use ?

Our items are 95~100 grams per bundle. and recommended clients to choose 3 bundles , 300 grams total to make a full head use.

6.How to take care this hair ?

Please read by this link : Suggestion on Hair Care with 100% human hair products

7.How to brush 100% human hair products ?



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