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Suggestion on Hair Care with 100% human hair products


Suggestion on Hair Care with 100% human hair products

On Hair Care, today we share some ideas:

There are 4 priciples when treat 100% human hair products.
consider that the surface of hair is hair cuticle ,it need treat properly.

---When to dry it,avoid sun shine directly .After wash hair, use A dry towel and gently blot excess water on the wig
---Avoid high-temp.reduce the use of hot  hair dryer.
---Avoid chemical material , specially wrong type shampoo,it hurt hair surface.
---Avoid water from river or tap water , that contains calcium , will make hair surface cuticle acerbity . not smooth .should use warm-water that already boiled.

Then should use a wide-teeth combs.

as below , recommended use this one ,we supply now .


When brush straight and body wave hair ,should first start from hair tip in the end of weft , brush hair tip well then step by step .

when brush deep and kinky curly ,should not use combs, use finger ok .
use finger to flow the hair wide then open the hair piece and use finger to brush .

Do not  comb pull hard  when treat a wig that used long time , that not easy brush well.

Should be sprayed wig maintenance of a dedicated non-oily liquid and then slowly careful geographic open.

Follow there priciples and use high quality shampoo , hair care material ,will keep your human hair products longer time as the new status .


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