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How to Select Suitable Straight Human Hair for Your Clients ?

How to Select Suitable Straight Hair for Your Clients  ?

Many clients ask me " which is the best of your hair to sell for clients ?"
To be frank, There is not best hair but most suitable hair.

Even you give her the most luxury quality hair with unprocessed and virgin quality ,then this lady just Pay off her credit card then not have enough funds .she will gone to buy cheaper.

Even you give the girl most cheap price with unimaginable low price ,then this girl has a date with her unrequsted love and need to prepare perfect , then she will of course choose a more expensive quality one .

So every woman owns her own hair style in mind .
to select the most suitable one and according to her situation.

On straight hair, we
supply types as below with their tags :

SOIEEAST® Normal Grade : cheap ,hot sale ,silky soft

SOIEEAST® High Grade : stable ,silky soft ,full in ends

SOIEEAST® Superior Grade : unprocessed ,silky soft,full in ends , luxury

Raw Normal Grade : unprocssed , cheap , with cuticle

Raw Superior Grade : unprocessed ,luxury ,with cuticle ,full in ends .

According to the material cost , their price comparison :
Normal Grade < Raw Normal Grade<High Grade<Superior Grade<Raw Superior Grade .

According to process technic :
Normal grade and high grade is processed hair ,it use chemical process to be very silky , its texture is smooth and easy to brush .
Superior Grade,and raw hair is unprocessed hair , have human being smell ,it is virgin with full cuticle on hair piece surface,means hair with more nutritional ,can last longer time.

According to use and feel in touch :
all this types not tangle . higher grade material of course have better use effect .
if clients need to dye light colors 613 ,then of course recommended Raw Superior Grade, this grade hair use same person hair for same weft ,each weft gas own colors ,so you can see why many unprocessed virgin hair has different colors ,they are 1 person 1 weft.
If client need hair not tangle ,not shedding off ,not dye light colors . then to be frank Normal Grade will be ok to use .

Superior Grade and Raw Superior Grade is for high level clients.that of course their use effect excellent .with higher price.

And in human hair market ,there is price war of course ,
but we have to understand ,that clients who pay too much attention on price will gone easily if they find cheaper ,
but Clinets who pay more attention on quality and use , will be stable ,this is our priority clients we should pay attention .
and please not join in price combat ,because when it starts then quality start to change , then all clients get cheap but poor hair , they just remorse to pay money for this poor Rubbish and their just feel be cheated ,then human hair market lose client confidence and trust .

So it is very important to keep quality stable and get clients trust .


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