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FAQ About Payment


1.How can I make payment on your website ?

Our website accept Debit and credit cards by PayPal.

Add a card to your PayPal account, and simply login with your email address and password whenever you're buying something online.

click the link to know more on PayPal

2.How do I know if it safe to order on your website ? Is it scam website ?

Please do not worry ,your order on our website is protected by PayPal.

click the link to see paypal buyer protection

it means If there’s a problem with a transaction, PayPal ’ll put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. PayPal investigate and stay involved every step of the way.

3.Should I send payment before or after delivery?

Need buyer to send payment on paypal first ,and we will send out parcel within 24 hours with a tracking number .

4.Do you accept clients Direct transfer payment?

Yes we accept.

our payment details is as below,please send our message after you do payment.





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