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Why someone get tangle hair falling while others not tangle at all ?


Get tangled hair and falling after install human hair Extensions  is a really teriable thing.

In order to help friends to solve this problem ,I am willing to share some points now.

1. Hair tangle because 2 reasons : poor  hair material level  +  gruffly brush hair when its surface dry.

It means the top quality hair ,no matter how you treat it ,mostly time it not tangle at all .
The poor grade level hair ,to be frank have chance to meet tangle and falling , especially with gruffly brush with thin teeth.
So when purchase fake or poor quality hair will have more chance to have this probpem.

2.Hair surface not same when material level differ  ,as this picture show


The poor quality hair ,processed by acid to remove the cuticles and make hair surface smooth and not have the standout cuticle .When hair new with nutrition at first ,it is smooth and not tangle , then after some time around several months ,hair lose moisture and oil , then the cuticle distance enlarge , hair cuticle start to hook and  chafe then hair pieces tangle and falling .

This Higher quality hair ,The hair with all same direction cuticle ,will not tangle even over 2 years ,
because all the cuticle same way , will not easily to hook or jammed , then of course hair not tangle.

3.Keep hair with repair Essence spray  and oil will helpful for smooth and prevent tangle

sometimes ,even the poor grade hair ,with quality hair care products and prevent dry condition or sunshine burn , it will use well also .
So treat hair with right hair care material is also important to maintain its performance.

We have supply clients long time and sent out over thousands parcels to local merchants .With our quality and stable goods ,our partners get business growth well .

we mainly supply hair types as below :

Grade Normal : silky soft ,with finer hair piece
Grade Raw Normal : strong thick hair piece . long time last
Grade High : Hair Not tangle ,strong hair piece , nice texture
Grade superior : luxury quality , use best material ,hair last longer time , hair bundle end is full

Welcome inquiry and co-operate.



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