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What they do not want you to know: lower quality human hair extensions wasting your money


As an  old player in hair business ,I willing to share you something they do not want you to know on hair business.

In hair business, they actually earn more when selling cheaper quality.

In China factory ,we separate the hair material to: standard ,high ,superior levels and others, when factory purchase hair materials to make hair products ,they select hair quality according to client order requirement.

 Most factories of course willing to process good quality for clients so that clients satisfied then repeat orders ,but when online retail market start things change.

Because many search engine or B2C  website have a function: to line the prices of different vendors  from low to high.

then clearly the cheaper price one will get more viewers ,more click then more orders.

If you selling quality with high price to one same person , you get good feedback with 3 repeated orders

then you can also sell cheaper but lower quality to 3 persons more quick ,

which you choose ?

choose to more orders or no order?

To be or not to be ,this is a question .

so many factories set up own website now instead of be vendor on other platforms.

Second .you will never get the wonderful feeling same as quality one , when you install a quite cheap but poor one ,even you can have 2 orders same price one luxury one.

so you see, you cost many money then not have the ideal  experiential ,to be frank ,you are losing your money.

Third, to own a good quality hair extensions will of course bring you a confident ,perfect day ,while cheaper one, you always worrying on tangle ,shedding or roughen texture feeling like weed.

Since quality hair you can use long time .so you will keep use it while others who order cheaper have to remove that and order a new one. And that new one still not beautiful as yours .


by Gordon



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