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Which kind of business is the best and most competitive?


Always hear friends around say that business not easy this season/year .no matter domestic or international.
It seems that most people mistakenly think that business is quite easy ago then change to be not easy now.

Actually , business is not easy since humans have this activity.

For example, in china Han dynasty, the business in silk road, they have to get away from the robber in the road. Business means safety survive first, then earn money.

Later in China Qing dynasty, around 1990. the foreign trade with west countries is controlled strictly by governmental. Limited in Guangzhou city. Merchants need to set good relationship with the governorship by the Qing empire and once not been licensed. will killed or put into jail, at that time business means be licensed first then run.

Business is not easy all the time .though business environment much better than before nowadays, business competitive still exist.

Then Why someone always win in business?

As a founder of SOIEEAST EXTENSION ®,I have some ideas to share:

First ,all the business must follow the original reason : the product performance.

the product should have a nice experiential.

if the product not nice .means its advertisement fee is wasted 
client will not order second time, so the marketing strategy is invalid .

No matter how the business develop ,there is a key reason that people take out their money : they have the demand on it.
So at the beginning ,we should select the item that most closely related to client that it can be easy to sell out.

Second, the business flow should keep simple .
simple means to  save client time and money.

Before the internet born, client take plane and come to china to order goods ,
now they only need to send a message to seller to order ,the transaction can be done with one hour without long trip.

And at the beginning of e-commerce ,client order goods on B2B or B2C website, because the factory not have experience to set up the website and not know much on multinational payment .factory have to pay a huge money to B2B or B2C website as handling charge or service fee.
this situation has changed ,since recent more and more factories choose to set up own website by themselves ,as cost of set up website be hugely reduced.

Factory process the orders from own website and not have the handling charge cost on the B2B or B2C,so price be much cheaper .
client get more cheap goods and more convenient to.

So i think, deal from factory to clients directly will be a trend of the business in future.

Now, more and more clients order human hair bundles directly from our website ,they realize that it will save money and time than to go to other places.

The third point is : trust.

trust is very difficult to set and need very much carefully protect.

Do you know how we set up our brand reputation ?

It is not easy ,but we did. Now more and more clients only order our brand goods ,they approbate us.

We check very carefully with every piece hair material and only select the best one that client accept.
when I prepare goods for my client, I know that if i send the goods that they cannot sell or bad use experiential ,then this transaction will waste client money and time ,so had better not send rather than send bad.

Trust is precious and once no careful ,it will disappear and never back. So should treat every simple process of the wholesale transaction carefully: select the right material ,choose the right hair length and weight, packing strongly so that not broken on the way and inform client tracking number as soon as it updates, so that they know parcel location.

All these things must be careful and professional ,then business develop from simple and small ,grow to larger and broad ,step by step.

Key product + simple transaction + trust 

once your business meets these 3 keys ,then will survival and develop.

Do good and honesty is not easy at begin ,maybe not earn more than cheat or sell fake,
but will make sure business last long and healthy.

To extension our brand SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® to all the people who demand good quality hair and make them beautiful ,save their time and money. 
this is our dream and we will go on with our sincere heart.


Gordon Gao


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