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Invite your friends and Once she orders hair first time, You both get paid 10 $ !


Not same as most brands or companies, they pay advertising on internet media or TV ,SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® seldom do paid advertising in market.

Because we believe in an useful theory that :
Once an item is what you really need ,then no matter how far is it .you will finally find it out and own.

We prefer to save cost then improve the quality.Because client demand is first important.Most of our clients not come from paid advertising ,but from friend refer.So we develop with friends support.At first, client use our hair ,if she likes it and thinks its good quality with reasonably price , then she will recommend us  to her friend,then friend refers a new friends also .so business develops.

In order to encourage this FRIEND REFER A FRIEND  action ,
SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® now start a consumer self-spread strategy .

What is consumer self-spread strategy ?

It means after you use our hair, if you think it good ,
then you recommend it to your friend.
when your friend order from us at her first time.
she and you will both get paid 10 $ !

Why gives money ?

Give 10 $ to the Recommender,we think :
she not only use our products ,but also spread it to others. 
She help our brand to spread,so we pay 10$ for her kindly help .

Then the client who been recommended, she also get 10$ at
first order,she gets over her distrust and worry then finally trust us
and make order .We give 10$ as a first order discount .

We follow a simple but useful theory :
Help others also get self -help.


1. Is this consumer self-spread strategy a single level direct marketing or multi-level direct marketing ?
A: It is single level direct marketing . Not multi-level .
It means if you refer your friend to us then she first order ,at  her first order ,you both get 10$.Then later she refers  her own friends ,that is her business,not on your business any more .
We only do single level direct marketing.

2.How do I refer a friend to you ?
A: It quite easy,
We confirm a successful refer as  :before she do payment ,she send us message :
"  Ms XXX from XXX city introduce you to me . " or  "  I know you from Ms XXX ,she from XXX city . "

we have clients data ,will check if it true by names + city  then confirm and pay 10$ to both of your friend and you.

3. How do I join in this program ?
A: Need you first buy our hair then you automatically have the right to.

4. How do I get this 10$?
A: after confirm ,will pay to you by paypal or deposit in your account ,then you can use for any item any time.

5. Will I get 10$ when my friend order second time ?
A: this program is a single level direct marketing, it means only first time ,you and your friend will get 10$.If you willing to get 10$ next time .need to refer a new client to us.

6.Is this 10$ fake or cheat ? or my friend pay 20$ more and I get 10$?
A: This 10$ is given by us and it is true discount.
Because we have many clients order from website directly then checkout without this refer discount they not get 10$ discount at first order.
So when this deal is confirmed ,before she do payment ,she say :" refer by Ms XXX from XXX city. "
Then she get 10$ down and you get 10$ rewarding .
It is really discount.

7. I am new client and want to get discount 10$, but i have not friend refer me to, then how do i do ?
A: Dear, a client without a  friend refer to ,  will not get 10$ discount at first order , We suggest  you search it around you , find a refer message on internet or other peoples timeline on facebook then try.

8. Should the Recommender and the client who been refered must know each other ?
A:Not need they know each other,If a refer message is true ,we define its spread successful ,then this new client and Recommender still get 10$ each , though they not meet ,not know each .

9.I am a new client ,if i want to get 10$ discount , is there qty requirement on the order ?
A: we suggest over than 4 bundles to get 10 $ discount at first order.



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