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Why do more clients choose to order human hair bundles directly from our website now ? instead of other trading platform website ?

Now more and more clients choose to visit factory own website to order human hair bundles , they start to know that on same quality material ,it will be much cheaper than from trading platform may also agree with them .
Why this happen ?

First reason ,we know hair .they know skills .
Our factory is good at quality control and it means each time you order from us ,will be same as last time .
but the sellers on trading platform website may sell hair with others SKUs at same time ,they not only sell hair ,they are good at trading ,but not know hair. not pay attention to supply of goods , this time your receive parcel and it seems ok ,but later you order again ,it may changes.

Second ,the transaction cost , we keep 5%, they sellers keep around 10% to 15% on trading platform website.
the trading platform website require  5% to 15% handling charge . and also need pay advertising fee  to be page rank first .
it means you pay 100 usd to us ,95 usd will pay for the goods .
if you pay 100 usd to sellers , 85usd will pay for the goods or less , the  trading platform website get 15 usd ore more.
why do the seller appear in the search list on trading platform website?
they pay money .
then who will pay for this fee ?
the buyer pay .

so it means same material , they will cost 15% more than us .so we keep cheaper .
at the same time
it means same price . they will reduce 15% on the quality level , it will hurt clients if quality change at 15%.

Third . we like money ,buy choose a rational and long time way , they also like money , but some of them choose fast money and not care long time clients on hair.

why ?
because ,we only know hair and not do others business ,so if our clients run away ,then we business die .so we have to keep on quality same.
but they know skills ,and not put eggs in same basket, they can sell phones ,or cloth or new things instead , if hair business die .

But we can even reduce our price more if we same reduce quality to earn more.
but i choose to keep and do the good quality as promised.
because SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® We only Supply 100% Human Hair


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