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Why someone earn and someone lose on bundles hair deals ?


bundles hair deals 

There are many types of hair in the market and also many merchants who do bundles hair deals .
In same market . but someone earn and someone lose .
as the founder of brand SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® ,now I share ideas how this happen

The key point is : hair quality and client satisfactory .
If you want to do long time hair business ,the hair quality is very important .
No matter how many bundles you have sold out , once client find hair quality is not good ,later the clients will complaint and gone away ,

the past achievement can not stop your business comedown later.

future business will be not easy with a bad reputation .

Second ,to get clients back is more easy than to get new.

The total number of clients in a market is limited ,so it means clients are yours or others.
we usually see ,some shops close down quickly ,

why ?  Are these clients not  need this hair or not use that  any more  ?
No ,clients still buy .

how this happen ?
other shops get this clients , they order not from you.
why ?
because lose client satisfactory.

So the first day when you start  business ,you should have your attitude .
your clients are not your enemy ,
but the other shops are ,
they will get your clients if you do wrong.

Now more and more clients choose to order our items ,
from our website :
because our goods never make their clients disappointed.

we mainly supply hair types as below :

Grade Normal : silky soft ,with finer hair piece
Grade Raw Normal : strong thick hair piece . long time last
Grade High : Hair Not tangle ,strong hair piece , nice texture
Grade superior : luxury quality , use best material ,hair last longer time , hair bundle end is full

And clients need different quality hair from low to top.
so had better sell the right hair to right client.

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