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How to choose Most suitable international delivery way, when purchase human hair bundles from china?


Human Hair Bundles Delivery 

Now more and more clients willing to order human hair bundles from China market directly, and a delivery way that safe and cheap is quite important. I glad to share some information on it. since I have sent over thousands of.

First, the highest speed delivery way: DHL

As a commercial express delivery company ,DHL business cover most of the countries, its work process is scientific and orderly.

DHL to USA around 2 working days.
to European in 3 working days
and to Africa around 4 working days.

all dhl parcel have tracking number, that can track its location.

So, if you want your parcel comes quick, DHL is best choice.

Second, the most convenient delivery way : EMS express

EMS is a globe service that set up by government post office of each nation, it is operated by government organizations, it is also safe and seldom lost parcel.

Because it is Universal Postal Union, so it has priority in customs pass than other commercial express ones, its passes customs more fast than all others.

And EMS express has a very good service ,it can delivery back to its sender region without if parcel cannot delivery successfully ,the buyer not need to pay the return cost at is really convenient.

EMS will arrive destination around 7~10 days in Europe and Americas,
arrive around 7~15 working days to Africa. With tracking number also.

Third, the cheapest way: Hong Kong air mail post.

It is a kind of service that by airline transport from Hong Kong airport.

its speed will around 20~30 working days, can add tracking function also.

Price will be much cheaper than others.

And its lost parcel rate higher than other not recommend to use it when parcel value higher than 20USD.

We have sent thousands of parcels to our clients with inside human hair bundles to many regions.

All our parcels with tracking number that make sure its safety on the way.
We guarantee: if parcel not receive then money refund back to client.
And clients order repeatedly with good feedback.

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