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We should pay attention to avoid phishing email, when do international trade


We should pay attention to avoid phishing email, when do international trade

 Online payment safety is quite important for every businessman.

And phishing email and  Trojan horses software virus are 2 big issues.

They will steal our password and even transfer our money without our permission .

It is too bad to meet this !

how do we avoid these traps ? 

Today I will share some points ,hope can help more friends to avoid this loss.

First ,We should keep our computer environment clean and avoid unknown website or download unknown APP or soft-wares .

The bad Trojan horses software usually hiding in a page or document with an unharmful lookalike ,

then user download and run it .then the Trojan horses software record the password ,then upload to its creator .

so we should use security software to scan our computer recurrently  , kill the bad Trojan  software and make our computer clean and safe.

Second ,Should be aware of unknown email attachment.

phishing email attract user to click and release its inside Trojan horses software to computer from email attachment .

then user computer will be in danger.

So when we meet unknown email and its attachment, should never open or click it.

Third ,Should check the payment email address carefully , such as  user2017@***.com   and  use2017@***.com

For example .the buyer willing to do payment to supplier,

at first  the thieves steal and login  buyer email , and he put the supplier 's email into spam box .then buyer can not receive supplier  email any more

then he will apply a similar email address according to supplier  , such as user2017@***.com   and  use2017@***.com,

and he will send a email address by the fake email to buyer ,and ask for change bank account when transfer payment.

This simple ruse already made many companies loss huge capital in China ,

A good way to avoid it , is to remember the contact email correctly ,and before payment ,send supplier  a  message by WHATSAPP or make a call to make sure.

And most of the time , supplier do not easily change bank account ,

if you receive email that bank account not same ,had better stop pay and check if anything not right.

Google email has a security service to link the phone with email ,so that when email loged  in a new computer ,your phone will receive security PIN numbers .Need first input this PIN number then email works.

so use a clean and safe computer + strong pass word + phone connect with email log in , I think will make sure email safety.

As a businessman ,when we earn money ,every coin is with our  Sweat and energy.

so we really need to avoid such  phishing email and Trojan horses software trap.

Please share this to help more friend avoid this loss.




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