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90% of people not know it: how to determine whether hair bundles are good quality or bad


 hair bundles are good quality or bad

Now more and more consumers order and use human hair bundles, to change to be beautiful. But many people have the bad experienced that meet bad hair online, that is despondent when cost much money and time on it.
As a hair business expert over 7 years, today I teach friends some ideas, so that help you to get what you need, saving your time and money. 

First, forget that marketing names: 6a,7a,8a,9a,10a ... 

This A grade, to be frank, not mean anything on the hair quality.
I know you will shock on this idea, please calm my friend, it is truth.
There is not any agency or organize in this world today to make the A level judgement, on all the hair in this market.
Because so many types of human hair bundles in the market, and not have any one to cost time and money to check all the suppliers to define its level.
Then this A level changes to be a fake level, each one has own A level standard.

For example, last week, one supplier informed: we supply AAAAA hair
then next week, his neighbor says: we supply AAAAAA hair,
then next month, another supplier informs: we supply AAAAAAAAA hair
hahaha, it is funny
there is not any clear A level standard we should follow, but many consumers think so.

So, if you want to purchase hair as professional expert, please not ask its A level, old player not say it.
once you say this, it sounds you are new, then you are in danger of being cheat.

Second, to think with your own logic, not trust the sounds outside.
with 2 types hair, one is virgin, one is old woman

which hair is better quality hair?

then, I ask you a question again, which factors make the hair different?
answer is hair elasticity and strong + hair surface cuticle completeness +hair volume full.

So the 3 key standards on hair quality:

First, good hair is more elastic, more strong,

can endure more rip when you brush its surface.
We can see, when the hair from virgin or young lady, it’s with more nutrition and skin grease,
Hair is more smooth because grease from the head skin and hair, make it lubricity
and this grease membrane cover the hair surface, make the hair more softness.

Second, good hair the volume is more, at the end part.
in the material of hair market, the long hair cost much more than short
the more volume of long hair in hair bundle, the more its cost is
as below, this is our grade superior quality body wave , its volume is full.

Third, good hair with more completeness hair cuticle,
this is an important point, that decide hair tangle or not, and the hair last time
as this picture show, hair cuticle direction decides hair tangle or not.

when the hair cuticle same direction, then the cuticle not easy to hook or jammed, so hair not easy tangle;

when the hair cuticle is not same direction, especially the processed hair,
at first, when it processed from factory, its cuticle has been remove then add oil to lubricate,
atter first few months .it is ok,
then later, cuticle starts to break then the rift on hair surface start enlarge,
different direction hair cuticle easy to hook and tangle, hair will tangle then drop off.

when you purchase the hair, touch its surface,
if it’s with grease and hair strong, thick, it means hair can last longer time. hair is fresh
and when you pull one piece of the hair, if it has stretchy, and not easy to split or break,
it means hair surface cuticle is ok, not easy to drop off or falling after use.

It is not easy to select good hair when you just see its picture front a computer not with experience,
and I have been touch many types of hair over 7 years, I know it
And every piece of our hair pieces must be selected strictly, I touch it and check then put into carton then send.

Many partners co-operate with me over years and re- purchase long time.
They are not only my clients, but also my trust friends.
I get achievement from their feedback with trust in this business, we both earn.

I love my business and if you interested to join,
WhatsApp +8613512755811 , Please feel free to contact me.

No matter you are new or professional, I will follow my sincere to serve and we will win.





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