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How to avoid bad feedback from clients for online hair business ?


It is important to keep low bad feedback for hair business.

Because it is discouraged and disappointed when meet bad feedback from clients .Clients are angry and ask for compensation for money and an angry client is not easy to come back.

We have run our Brand long time with quite low bad-feedback rate.Today I will share some ideas on how to avoid that then improve ,In order friends can save time on process trouble orders and improve service level.

First, We need to find out the reason why meet  client  bad -feedback.

The main reason is client receive not as promised .

Their expectation is much higher than the real goods quality.

For example ,client ask for the best hair and she mean luxury hair ,then seller promised  that will be best hair and give her a normal quality .

Then after buyer receive ,found that hair not luxury quality so  become disappointed and angry.

Also ,one client just want cheap affordable hair ,and if seller sold her high price with higher quality ,and later she compared  it to her neighbor ,her neighbor bought cheaper and lower quality ,and she pay more attention on price than quality ,so she may think seller is not good and earn too much money ,also give seller bad-feedback.

So we need to find out client real demand ,cheap or luxury hair ,then sell accordingly.

Second ,Had better use high-definition picture ,to make sure client receive exactly as she seen.


Such as this picture is our grade superior quality ,

We can see from picture .it is silky and luxury ,with full volume at end part.

All our pictures must be taken with real hair samples ,to make sure client receive exactly as she seen.

Third ,Make a clear description on hair with truth.

We prefer to tell client truth more than marketing slogan!

It is good to tell client truth on the hair quality and not cheat.

In my mind ,I think clients are all clever than us and I just tell them the differences of hair quality, and I spread one principle  to client: the better hair material cost more than lower quality.

So the more you pay ,you will definitely get better material than others.

client real demand +   high-definition real picture + truth description on hair.

I think this will reduce the chance that client unsatisfied ,and this is what I have kept to in my business .

Keep to this principle will make business grow healthy and  get client happy and satisfied feedback ,also increase our confidence happiness .




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