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How to take care of curly human hair Wave

How to take care of curly  human hair Wave

With the  exactly same  material human hair ,the curly hair weave may be more easy to get tangle/ tip twist together than straight / body wave .When hair tangle / tip twist , client may feel disappointed and unhappy . then this may cause a complaint ,so today , I would like to talk about how to avoid this issue.

First. on curly hair ,we should avoid to use comb to brush , had better use hand finger,as below picture shown:

curly human hair

The reason is curly hair ,its friction between hair and comb  is more, when comb cross through the curl hair pieces, comb teeth will pull and draw the curl hair surface more hard than silky straight hair. this action will lead to hair surface cuticle broken  and  hair aging and hair pieces drop off after long time.

The proper way is to spray some pure water on the surface of hair piece,

Then use finger to open the hair tip twist untie and touch the hair to tidy and back to curly types.

curly hair

Second ,better hair material hair will be more strong and more elastic  than lower quality.

its chance to meet hair tangle or hair tip twist will be less.

recommend client to order higher level curly hair ,in order that to avoid frequently tangle or hair twist together.

deep wave curl

Third ,learn to take care of curly human hair will save you money.

Human hair is luxury and pretty ,if you just install one  then forget or overlook to take good care of it  then its use effect may be similar  as lower quality which been taken good care of.

So frequently use pure water to wet the hair.

Avoid comb or hard pull when hair tip twist together , Use finger to collate and make hair tidy and back to its original texture.

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