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How to Prevent lace closure from Shedding off


Prevent lace closure from Shedding off

Hair Bundles with a lace closure will make client beautiful and her front head looks more natural,while  lace closure hair Shedding make people unhappy.So it quite important that should prevent that.
Now let us see the structure of lace closure :
We can see ,there is hair knot in the lace ,it means the hair is knoted and tied onto the lace net.

The reason that closure hair Shedding mainly is :
1.The knots of the lace is damaged then the hair come out from its knot.

2.the strength of brush the lace closure hair is too heavy ,then the hair coming out.

So how to prevent this happen?

First ,if have lace knots sealer spray,
it is a kind of material that will seal the knots stable .
then use this material to spray the lace from lace side , wait it dry then install closure ,will help to fix the knots and prevent Shedding.

Second ,the brush strength and its direction ,it also very important

We can see ,its knots structure is not so strong as weft .
So with same strength to brush a hair weft ,will not Shedding ,while the lace closure hair may coming out and knots damaged then hair Shedding .

So it important that brush the hair very softly ,with less strength than to brush a hair weft.
And when brush from lace closure hair ,please Not start from hair root ,you know ,when hair tip is not tidy and still twist together ,at this time you brush the hair root ,of course will not smooth and feel resistance from hair ,then you increase your strength ,in order to brush hair well with a twist hair tip , hair is pull out of knots then coming out ,this is Shedding.

To use a wide teeth comb to brush from hair tip, then after tip not twist , move to hair root ,this is the correctly way.

Third ,take care of lace closure
Prevent lace closure from Shedding off
We can see ,this lace closure,its structure is Delicate and meticulous,it is hand made artwork,need gentle treat.
So please keep hair away from spray with contain high Alcohol content ,which will damage its knot structure .
Do not scrape your front head through lace net with your finger or nail vigorously.
Had better use a Scarf or light bag to keep lace closure hair tidy and clean when sleep which will reduce the Friction,this friction will damage knots structure .

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