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How to make payment when businessman purchase from china market ?

How to make payment when businessman purchase from china market ?

How to make payment when businessman purchase from china market ?

The First choice is face to face .
yes ,you do not giddiness 😅 ,
it is true , even time is 2016 now ,many client choose face to face deal .

in Guangzhou city ,here many foreign clients ,
they take plane to china then make payment by cash ,
then take their goods .
ok ,this belongs to "tuhao "
a Chinese name , means person with lots money .
people love "tuhao " 😄

then , Paypal is recommended .

paypal is a USA payment company .which is the payment tool for ebay ,
yes , that ebay ,👍👍👍
it is the largest company for payment online in USA and Europe .

Do you know which part is most magical for this tool ?
its safety make seller cry ,

once parcel not arrive on time ,or parcel not same as promised ,
then buyer can contact paypal then the funds freezing ,
get refund without seller agreement .
then bad seller cry 😭😭😭😭😭

and at the same time , buyer not need to pay transfer fee ,
it measn order is 300$, then buyer only pay this amount ,not need extra fee .

Western union is also recommended .when amount is large than 1000 USD ,
it is fast and have agent in street ,
will be more easy to clients who do not trust computer safety .

the seller give you his full name ,and city address ,
then money will be send to him
with a password ,
but they call it MTCH number.

seller go to agent and tell staff this MTCH number then get money ,
it is also fast ,can completion in 15 minutes,  many friends use this also.

and last point is that to avoid cheater .
now many cheater ,they are bad ,
i wish them all go to hell

please remember one thing :
there is no free lunch in the world .

if a item is specially cheap , compared with normal level,and this seller is new .
for example , a bundle  hair is $ 41.80 in market ,then his is only 10 $
then you pay $ and you wait at home , then 😭😭😭😭😭
he may gone or you receive fake .
so it is important to keep a calm heart ,not greed ,
because we all  do not need this cheat  harm and a world without cheat is  better.

Best Wishes to all business and wish we could all earn what we want .


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