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Hair Brush Guide: several ways to avoid hair falling off


Human hair extensions is luxury and pretty product, Correctly take care and brush it gently can avoid hair damaged or falling off ,this will surely save your  money.Then How do we do when we  brush the hair? Which way is best way ?

First ,use wide-teeth comb and quality one

Second ,do not brush from root to tip ,especially do not brush from root when hair tip still Twist , this will make hair tip been pulled  ,been rip, will of course lead to hair tip shedding.

Third , try to use finger instead of hair brush to do hair care and  reduce the times of brush .Each time ,the brush brush-off hair cuticle ,it will rub / pull the hair ,if keep brush long time and not stopping ,then hair cuticle will damaged ,not elastic.

Fourth, when hair is wet ,its not easy to brush smoothly ,had better wait it to be a little dry then brush.

Fifth, the more fresh and thick hair material will undergo more  brush power

As you also know ,human hair bundles price range from cheap to high ,luxury.

If the cheap hair is exactly same effect as luxury hair then why we have the luxury type ?

The answer is , you pay more will definitely get a higher level hair material product from us .the luxury hair type will undergo more force of brush or rip. Its last time will be longer.

So my advice is to choose superior hair when you order quite long size for 28 or 30 inch or  the curly type .You already pay much money for hair then because of few dollar difference price ,you give up luxury and change to cheap quality ,I do not think this will save your money , you know , luxury hair will long long time be  fresh ,new and looks well ,really good choice.



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