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If you are a person with great Influence, then this offer from SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® quite suitable for you to get money !


According to SOIEEAST EXTENSION ® consumer self-spread strategy, people who helps to spread our brand will get reward , then it can develop to be a part time job , quite easy to earn money with Influence among friends .

How does this work get money ?

For example ,Ms XXX from new york ,received our parcel on Monday ,
then she posted on her own facebook / insgram  a message :
So happy get hair today from SOIEEAST EXTENSION ®.
recommended ,its nice , and when you do payment after order bill confirmed ,
tell them my name + new york, you will get 10$ reduce directly and so do I .

Then after 3 weeks ,when she nearly forgets this .
one thing happens.
Because information spread is a quite interesting thing.
she not knows that during these 3 weeks ,her post was 1500 times page view by friends and around 50 times share ,then click to our webite around 10 times ,finally 3 weeks later a friend of her friend made an order with her Recommended message.
She and this new client get 10 $ both.

Just a minute to post one or share a post , she made her money by her Influence.Even she not knew about this client ,who is a friend of her friend.Her post did the spread.

So this offer is quite suitable for fashion girls or opinion leader in some regions,
let us image , If one Year , by spread and her Recommended message was used 1000 times by clients .
then she will get 1000*10 USD , total get 10000 dollors .
this money we will send her back by paypal or deposit in her account ,she can use it for any item any time.

Welcome powerful person join us and we create a story together !


1.How do I join ?
A :Need you first buy our hair then you automatically have the right to.

2. Will this job make me become quite rich one night?
A : No ,can not
and wake up friend ,not pipe dream anymore.
this is a normal job ,but quite interesting

3.How can I make my Recommended message known by more people ?
A :Please do not ask us .
You are more smart than us ,i think,
to use your Influence in interpersonal relationship will help.

4.Is this consumer self-spread strategy a single level direct marketing or multi-level direct marketing ?
A: It is single level direct marketing . Not multi-level .
It means if you refer your friend to order , her first order ,you both get 10$.Then later she refer her own friends ,that is her business,not on your business any more .
We only do single level direct marketing.

5.Why my friend choose to order not with my Recommended message ?
A: you are not handsome / sweet ,i think .
so she prefer give up this 10 $ ,so to be nice to your friend from now !

6.Is it late now to join in? because already find many Recommended messages around.
A:It is never late for a powerfull person to do something !
He will make a new story!
be smart and use your intellect to create you special ,so that they willing to choose your Recommended message.

7.I am a new client ,if i want to get 10$ discount , is there qty requirement on the order ?
A: we suggest over than 4 bundles to get 10 $ discount at first order.



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